How to Choose Your Criminal Defense Attorney

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Your freedom is your number one concern if you have been arrested for a crime. The lawyer you choose to represent you is how you plan to protect yourself against criminal charges. He or she is your legal protector and your voice before the judge and jury. You are completely dependent on your legal representative to identify any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you, to build an effective defense plan on your behalf, to skillfully present your arguments before the court, and to fight for the protection of your rights. You only want a seasoned legal professional to represent you in a criminal case. When you want to hire a legal professional who has the right qualifications, be sure you take note of the following tips:

  • Ascertain that the lawyer has extensive criminal law experience.
  • Check to see if the attorney has a strong track record of success in winning major criminal cases.
  • Find out if he or she is a hands-on defense lawyer who is committed to working with you directly and maintaining a strong client relationship with you. You should be able to tell a lot just by how the attorney interacts with you in your initial consultation.
  • Be sure to read online reviews about the lawyer and see what other clients had to say about the attorney’s services.
  • When you meet with the attorney ask questions, find out how the lawyer plans to help you, ask about his or her charges for legal services, and get a general vibe of the lawyer’s personality.

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