Assistance with Bail Bonds in Scranton, PA

Not all bail bonds in Scranton, PA, do the same things. That means it is crucial to work with a bondsman who understands—and provides services for—all of the different types of bonds so you can better get a loved one out of jail.

Agents at Always Available Bail Bonds are ready to assist you, no matter your situation. Contact us today to learn more about the different bond options available from our agents.

What Are Bail Bonds?

A bond is used to ensure the defendant pays the entire bail amount. In many situations, the defendant does not have the funds required during the arrest to afford bail. That is why a friend or family member may assume financial responsibility for the arrested person’s bail through a bail bond service. 

The process begins after an arrest and booking. This is when the defendant will have a bail amount set by the courts. This amount varies based on several factors, including the defendant’s criminal history, the severity of the crime, and the likelihood of the defendant skipping their court dates. In setting bail, the court ensures that the defendant appears at all upcoming court dates and legal appointments. 

There are many different types of bail bonds, and they are usually tied to the kind of crime the defendant is accused of performing. Some of the most common types of bonds include: 

Misdemeanor Bonds – Used for minor crimes, this bond ensures a defendant will appear for a lesser offense, including harassment or simple assault.

Felony Bonds – Used for severe crimes, such as aggravated assault or drug distribution, this type of bond is typically higher than misdemeanor bonds.

PFA Bonds – This monetary bail amount is set in place by the judge for protection from abuse order violations. This is a less common type of bail bond, but our agents are here to help you with them.

Immigration Bonds – If your situation involves immigration law, this bail bond will likely be needed. It is designed to ensure the defendant will appear at their immigration status hearing.

Extradition Bonds – An extradition bond is a monetary bail amount set by the judge at preliminary arraignment to ensure the detainment and lodging of a defendant who is wanted by authorities from a different state. With the help of our agents, we can help make it so you can appear on your own accord to the extraditing rule instead of traveling on a transport bus for days or weeks to face the judge in prison attire.