How to Bail Someone Out of Jail in West Chester, PA, & Other FAQs

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How do you bail a person out of jail?

Unsurprisingly, the most common question is how to bail someone out of jail in West Chester, PA, and the surrounding area. When someone is arrested and has charges filed against them, there are two options: wait in jail until the court date or post bail to get released until the court date arrives. The first option is preferable, but bail is too expensive for most people.

Fortunately, bail bonds make it much more affordable, typically only requiring 10% of the usual cost. After paying a fractional fee to the bondsman, they post the entire bail for you. In return, you financially guarantee that the defendant will appear for their court date and adhere to the other terms of their release.

What information is required for a bond?

Be prepared to supply basic information about the defendant to the bondsman, such as:

Full Name
Date of Birth
Name of Jail
Booking Number
Bail Amount

If you lack specific details, you can still get a bail bond; the process may take a little longer as we confirm the information.

What do bondsmen accept as collateral?

To financially guarantee that the defendant won’t violate their terms of release, you will likely have to offer something as collateral. Some possibilities include real estate, cars, stocks, bank accounts, etc.