Tracking Down Bail Fugitives with Our Bail Bond Company in Allentown, PA

Bail bonds are designed to serve as a financial guarantee that the defendant will cooperate with the justice system upon release from jail. With so much money on the line, most defendants are happy to follow the court’s requirements; however, some still don’t.

When someone violates the conditions of their bond, they are called “bail fugitives.” The good news is that if they turn themselves in, these individuals have options for getting back on track and rebonded by their bail bond company in Allentown, PA. If they don’t, they could face severe consequences when found—including additional criminal charges and the loss of their, or their loved ones, financial collateral.

Contact our 24-hour bail bond agency for information about a bail fugitive. Rewards are available if your intel leads to capture. If you have violated your bond, talk to one of our bondsmen immediately to explore your options and avoid potentially escalating your situation.


At Always Available Bail Bonds LLC, we work with clients needing bond services throughout the area. Current individuals failing to appear for a hearing should contact our agency as soon as possible to discuss bail reinstatement options. Additionally, if you know the whereabouts of any bail fugitives, contact one of our agents. We guarantee a financial reward for the successful apprehension of the offender. Don’t violate your freedom by not following the court’s requirements. 


Cooperating is always the smart option when it comes to bail bonds. If you have violated your bond’s conditions by failing to appear in court or by another mistake, we can work with you—but you must reach out to us without delay. Our agents provide bail reinstatement services to help you get your life back on track and will explain your options and what you can expect from the justice system in the future.

If you are the family or friend of a bail fugitive, we can also work with you to make things right to help you avoid a financial penalty. Remember, failure to appear in court could lead your loved one to be charged with an additional misdemeanor or felony. A judge may also hand down a significant fine or up to one year in jail for skipping out on bail.