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Common Bail Bonds Language, Part 2

Bail Bond Company in Allentown, PA

If you or a loved one is under arrest, you need help understanding the court system at the same time you need the assistance of a bail bond company in Allentown, PA, or anywhere in Lehigh County. The last thing you need is to be confused about the language of posting bail or bond. It helps to have clarification about the process so you can be prepared when you hear some of the most common terms used in the bail bonds industry and what they mean.

  • Bail: The bail is the amount of money the accused must pay the court in order to be released from jail until their next court hearing.
  • Failure to Appear: If the accused fails to appear in court on the required date, a “failure to appear” charge can be brought against him or her.
  • Indemnitor: If the accused needs a valid co-signer, this person is known as the indemnitor. The indemnitor guarantees that the defendant shows up for a trial as required.
  • Bail Conditions: When the court orders the accused to follow a set of rules after he or she is released on bail, the bail conditions ensure they will follow these rules. These conditions help ensure a defendant shows up to court. Bail conditions are usually set for defendants that are considered at high risk for failure to show up at their court dates.

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