Failure to Appear: Consequences and Solutions After Posting Bail

Bail is often the best solution for defendants to get out of jail while awaiting their hearing. The court sets a bail amount as collateral, considering the severity of the alleged crime, the defendant’s criminal history, and their likelihood of fleeing or being a risk to public safety. If the accused cannot pay, they can ask a professional and trustworthy company for bail bonds in Lancaster County, PA, or other surrounding areas.

Posting bail is a temporary solution, and bondsmen expect clients to comply with the bail conditions, including attending all their hearings. If someone fails to appear in court, they face long-lasting consequences and get charged with a new criminal offense.

What to Expect

Failure to appear in court after posting bail in Lancaster County has legal consequences, no matter the severity of the crime. Whether a criminal or civil case, courts in Pennsylvania are allowed to immediately issue a bench warrant for failure to comply with release conditions. This warrant causes the bail company to lose the paid amount, which is why the defendant must have already signed an agreement stating they would be liable if they failed to appear. Additionally, the defendant may be required to pay extra fines, serve jail time, and have their vehicle registration and driver’s license suspended.

What to Do

There are legitimate reasons for missing a hearing, such as a medical emergency or transportation issues. If you skip your court date, seek professional help immediately to rectify the problem and minimize the potential impact on your personal life and criminal record. Call a lawyer to get a bench warrant lifted, negotiate a new deal with the court, and reschedule the hearing’s date.