Extradition Bondsman in Scranton, PA

When an individual is arrested and charged with a crime, he or she is required to stand trial in the state where the offense took place. Some defendants, unfortunately, have other ideas. Once they have been freed on bail, they choose not to make their appointed court appearance and instead opt to flee. These defendants choose to evade prosecution, and in doing so, default on their promise to the partnering bond agent who paid their bail. In some cases, fugitives may go one step further by choosing to take up residence in another state.

Extradition is an attempt to have a fugitive brought back to the original state to face the charges against them. An extradition bond from a bondsman in Scranton, PA, is a monetary bail amount that a judge determines at the defendant’s preliminary arraignment that ensures the detainment and lodging of a defendant who is wanted by authorities from another state.

Learning More About the Extradition Process

Typically, the first step of an interstate extradition involves a request being made by a state’s attorney general or their office to the governor. Following this, the governor shall make an official demand for extradition in the form of a warrant. This governor’s warrant will contain information regarding the reasoning for the extradition.

Once it is signed, it is delivered to the state where the individual at the center of the request is residing or being held. The other state general has a total of 30 days to turn over the wanted individual, though the 30 day period can be variable depending on the circumstances. If needed, the warrant can be extended an additional 60 days.

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