Information You Need Before Contacting a Bail Bondsman, Part 2

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As we stated in “Information You Need Before Contacting a Bail Bondsman, Part 1,” it is usually a family member or loved one who is tasked with getting someone out of jail. When that person contacts a bondsman in Scranton, PA, he or she needs to have the information the bondsman needs in order to perform his services for the defendant.

Note that as part of the arrest and booking process, the defendant’s bail is set, his or her fingerprints are taken and a background check is performed. Defendants are also searched, and their belongings are documented in inventory.  After all this, the defendant is taken to a cell.

After a bail bond agreement is signed, the bondsman posts the bond wherever the defendant is being held. If all the information is provided correctly, the entire process may be completed in just a few hours after the criminal defendant has been arrested and booked. Some of the tips to make the process as quick as possible include the following:

Jail Location

Be sure to find out the location of the jail your loved one is in. You need the name of the jail, the city, state, and zip code. The bail bondsman needs all of the pertinent information in order to process your loved one’s bail properly.

Amount of the Bail

Your bail bondsman can find out how much bail they need to post once they have a booking number and the jail location. When the bondsman knows what the court has set for bail, they can tell you how much you’ll need to provide for their services.