Information You Need Before Contacting a Bail Bondsman, Part 1

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You want to get your loved one released from jail as soon as possible. Everything in the process goes more smoothly if you gather a few key pieces of information before you contact the bail agent. Once the agent has the necessary paperwork, he can get the person in jail out in a timely manner. Check out the tips below which you should have in hand to answer the questions your bondsman will ask.

Defendant’s Full Name

You need the defendant’s full name, including middle name, completed with the correct spelling to give to the bail agent. You should also have the arrested person’s birthday (with year) as a piece of information that properly identifies him or her.

Arrested Person’s Booking Number

The booking number is basically your loved one’s only form of identification while he or she is in jail. That’s the number used by the facility to record the defendant’s information and keep track of that particular case. The bail bondsman needs the booking number in order to identify who they are posting bail for, to make sure there are no mix-ups during the process.

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